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About Us

At Intellichoice Financial Planning, we’ve been successfully providing specialist advice to satisfied clients for years. From self managed super funds, investments to insurances – we’ve got it covered.

Our financial planning advice is second to none.  Don’t waste your time and money running around trying to figure it all out yourself.  Take advantage of our expertise and let us find the right loan or finance to suit YOUR needs.

Here at Intellichoice, we do the legwork.  Our highly qualified team will provide expert guidance and hassle-free mentoring through the planning stages. Our outstanding, highly qualified team will identify the options that works for YOU.  We’ll then provide you an explanation in a clear and simple manner.  Enjoy spending your time in leisure… and let US do the finance planning legwork.

Find out why our clients wouldn’t use anyone else.   Put your financial questions in the hands of the leaders in the market.  Find out why we’re the planner of CHOICE!  Speak to one of our finance specialists TODAY!

What's our difference?

·      Our planners have expertise in several niche products

·      You’re not dealing with someone new to the industry

·      With our holisitic experience in financial planning, finance and property – we determine the         

       right options based on how it will effect you overall.

·      We’ve looked after clients through the good and bad times.

·      Our team is made up of specialists who have 30 years or more, under their belt.

Why people use Intellichoice

Our team of experts spends the time to find out about you and your circumstances.  We will determine the best options for you based on your earnings, any debts you might still have and your current needs and objectives.  This will help us make the right recommendations and give you the best advice on the most appropriate options that are available to you.

When we have determined your circumstances we will provide easy-to-understand advice on your choices.

Intellichoice spends the time sifting through the hundreds of products and opportunities that are out there and find the right ones for your needs.  We will then present it all in a manner that you can clearly understand.

Once you are happy with the best option for your dreams, our specialists will organize it for you and walk you through the steps to your financial planning. 

Call our Customer Care team, today, and find out why we're the planner of choice throughout Australia.  You can reach our Customer Care team on 1300 55 10 45.