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Wealth Creation


If you’re looking to increase your wealth, you need to understand how to clearly define realistic goals and to design a plan that will enable you to do it.  Some people think of saving and investments as the same thing but they aren’t.  To put it simply, saving is putting aside some of your disposable income to accumulate enough money for a short-term goal.  Saving is usually done for smaller and sooner assets like a new car or a holiday.  This kind of saving can happen through a bank account.  An investment, however, is a more long-term timeframe and brings with it, a larger risk.

Whether you’re looking to make the most of your assets, create the life you desire or simply enjoy the freedom to choose what you want, Intellichoice Financial Planning will coach you through the maze with our care packages that have been thoughtfully created to meet the needs of our clients.  Take advantage of our strategic understanding in the area of Wealth Finance. 

By using Intellichoice Financial Planning you are drawing on the expertise and experience of reputable financial planners that are second-to-none.  We will help you determine exactly what your goals are and even help you create some that you wouldn’t otherwise think of.  We are going to give you the big picture! 

The earlier you start to save and develop a financial plan, the better!  While we all want financial security and independence, many of us don’t (or don’t know how to) do anything about it.  Take control of your financial direction, today!  Speak to a specialist at Intellichoice Financial Planning.

Remember, the decisions you make today will impact the direction your life takes tomorrow; especially when it comes to your finances.  Procrastinating won’t help!  You don’t need to experience regret.  With some simple steps and strategies to adopt, you can have your money working for you and take the road to your wealth creation.

Intellichoice will help you find out what your goals are for the future.  It’s our aim to give you long-term direction when investing.  We will help you design a tax effective plan that may include shares, property, bonds or cash).  Our consultation and services will provide a wholistic package that meets your individual needs.  

Set your plans on the path to greater freedom and choice.   Make sure your entire financial situation has been carefully considered through the consultation and services of our specialized planners. 

Through our long-term industry experience we source the best investments in the market to suit YOUR needs and objectives.  At Intellichoice, we will let you know about the options that other planners neglect to think about.  Our holistic advice means you can make informed decisions about your wealth.  Our philosophy?  Meeting the needs of our clients; not pushing products on them.  Our long-standing reputation with our clients is why people keep coming back to us, for ALL of their financial planning needs.  Our aim here at Intellichoice, is to empower individuals for their financial betterment and in turn, create a healthy financial environment within our communities and throughout Australia. 

No matter your age or current financial position, Intellichoice Financial Planning has all your wealth creation needs covered.  Ask us about our Financial Planning Care Packages, today.