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Succession Planning



Many people work hard to take care of their family throughout their life.  Less people, though, consider what they would like to happen when they’re no longer around.

Will there be enough funds to cover debts, your children’s education and family matters?  Find out how you can be prepared to cover your loved ones’ essential living expenses.  Don’t let your family suffer the consequences of inadequate estate planning and the disruption it causes your distressed beneficiaries.

At Intellichoice, we will help you avoid the pitfalls and plan your estate for ultimate peace of mind.  Let us guide you through the processes of make sure there are sufficient funds to cover everything you will need to.  Make sure your hard-earned assets are passed on to the right hands.  We will help you managed your financial legacy.

Protect your Beneficiaries

When you’re no longer here, you want to make sure your assets are distributed according to your wishes.  Intellichoice Financial planning will look at all of your assets and liabilities, your wishes and provide the right recommendations the FIRST TIME.  We will enable you to manage and structure your estate with the best possible outcomes.

With our expertise we understand the complexities of the various areas of your finance and how you can ensure your terms are met.  We also have the latest knowledge of current legislations so that we remain up-to-date with our advice.

Exit plans for your business


The way you structure your business now makes a huge difference to how it can operate without you in it. And we’re not just talking about you not being around, we’re talking about the exit plan for you to successfully enjoy your retirement.

Don’t try to sift through the myriad of exit options yourself.  Intellichoice Financial Planning will help you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each option and weigh them up properly.

Making informed decisions about your succession means a better outcome for you, your family and the people in your business.

Intellichoice and Estate Planning

Here at Intellichoice, we will help you minimize risk during your lifetime and beyond.  Be empowered to take control of your assets!  Determine who will make decisions on your behalf.  Protect your assets from claims by someone outside of your circle of beneficiaries.  Support your family.

A simple estate plan can save you and your loved ones a world of pain and stress.

Intellichoice provides cost effective care packages that include estate and succession planning, and give you the opportunity to take care of your things. So whether it’s your business or your personal assets, we can help you do the best things with them.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Your loved ones will be the better for you taking the steps necessary to ensure your finances are in order.