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Business Insurance Plan

Our import finance and trade finance services offer you the complete package to help you develop your business profitably and with confidence, giving you more freedom to trade and take advantage of any opportunities that arise. 


Import finance or trade finance bridges the gap between payment for imports and receipt of funds through subsequent sales. Import finance can leverage against the purchase order and stock to obtain working capital, allowing a business to manage cash flow more effectively and allows greater flexibility to free working capital for other business needs.

Features of trade/import finance include:

• Provides for all aspects of manufacture, import, commissioning, payment and long term asset finance

• Assists businesses to pay local and overseas suppliers for goods in a timely fashion, which will enhance your trade business reputation

• Gives you greater flexibility and liquidity

• Up to 100% finance of purchase cost

• No deposits required

• No property security required

• You don't miss out on business opportunities due to inadequate cash flow

• GST, Duty and Freight financed

• Improves your negotiating position with suppliers as you are able to accept quick payment terms and import greater quantities and obtain bulk discounts

• We can also arrange working capital finance to assist purchase of goods or processing costs prior to shipment

• We can also provide end-to-end trade and supply chain financing to facilitate your client's importing/exporting needs 

With traditional bank funding becoming more restrictive in today's market, we are able to assess each client based on their merits and then offer a financial solution that can be tailored to suit your import finance needs. If you would like more information about trade finance or any other business cash flow, finance solution, including invoice finance, inventory finance or equipment rental, contact one of the mortgage brokers today on 1300 55 10 45 and turn your inventory into cash flow faster.